Maritime Software is our specialty and our passion, since 1986!


New challenges in maritime industry in terms of performance, efficiency and green shipping require compliance, interoperability, interconnectivity and business intelligence.


Today, maritime companies need to collaborate securely and efficiently among internal and external networks via any device, anytime, in order to control operational costs. Captured data should turn into useful information, providing situation awareness and alerting specific users (as specialists) for action and better decision making.

Truly transforming maritime through the power of digital technologies will be a journey.

Having the right partner along this digital transformation journey is the most crucial decision. Within 30 years in the maritime and technology industry, we have proved that Danaos is the right partner for this journey, providing a full spectrum of technology solutions, fully customizable and well supported to your organization.

Dimitris Theodossiou,30years_danaos
Managing Director