infogate_logoMore than just a communication system, Info@GATE is the answer to paperless office and case management for the maritime industry!

Supporting securely large volume of information, executing tasks, alerts and associating data with precision and maritime business logic, Info@GATE is a corporate groupware application that facilitates day-to-day operations by keeping organizational information centralized, common and unique. No matter the source of input, Info@GATE monitors the life-cycle of all internal documentation so that can be easily retrievable and traceable for every Case (Customer, Supplier, Partner etc.)

Either on Windows or Linux O/S, Info@GATE runs on the Oracle Database assuring stability, security and handling of enormous amount of data, fast. Info@GATE is used by thousands of users worldwide, some of which are handling more than 5.000 messages daily, requiring tremendous speed in order to conduct their business.

Info@GATE is a centralized fat-client communication system that is also available as a smartphone application, so that maintenance, security and back-up can be performed at the server level and not on individual user workstations, thus optimizing company data protection, data integrity and time-saving.
Info@GATE is fully integrated with all DANAOS Applications, which generates enormous advantages in terms of time, data compatibility, and accuracy.