WAVES Fleet Performance Mgt.

WAVESWAVES™ Fleet Performance System integrates existing big data and corporate systems (even non Danaos) with any information on the cloud including electronic documents (Excel files) to offer the big picture by:
  • Handy-casting (reflecting the past)
  • Now-casting (respond to the present) and
  • For-casting (prepare for the future)

WAVES Fleet Performance will reincarnate your existing systems offering the big data analytics flavor

Being web based and native on any device will bring mobility to your operations

Involve your partners into your daily operation by sharing situation awareness will improve your team competence in a controlled and secure way and will definitely lead to a safer, greener, environmentally friendly and profitable shipping operations

WAVES® is a maritime Fleet Performance System and maritime data analytics platform that aggregates and analyses data being gathered from multiple sources with the ulterior view to create a true competitive advantage in ships management.

WAVES is fully integrated with all other DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE software modules, providing personalized role-specific dashboards and maritime business operational intelligence.


WAVES awarded the 2015 Lloyd’s List Intelligence Award for “Big Data”