D1 Offered Services

Now it’s easy for any shipping business to share insights, securely, in the cloud, as SERVICES.


DanaosONE™ can “bridge” any functionality provided by your in-house back office systems within a network of trusted stakeholders of your selection (extranet). Join DanaosONE™ and start exchanging information accurately and securely with your suppliers, partners, agents, brokers and affiliates avoiding the cumbersome of traditional information exchange.

Indicative Offered e-Services

  1. RFQ and RFQ History
  2. e-Invoicing
  3. Invoice Registration
  4. Proforma Invoice
  5. e-Drawings
  6. Accounts Reconciliation
  7. Warehouse Order Tracking
  8. Crew Recruitment
  9. Update Address Book
  10. Vessels Map

Launch your own DanaosONE Offered Service Today and create a secure GATEWAY with your other DanaosONE members.

Install a customized web service to your system (Danaos or non-Danaos) and associate the the companies that you prefer to disseminate the service and to transact with.