D1 Platform Services

Now it’s easy for any shipping business to share insights, securely, in the cloud, as SERVICES.


Joining DanaosONE™ will give you international exposure and endless possibilities to connect with other trusted members. DanaosONE™ provides a set of bundled services that facilitate Shipping Industry’s essential everyday activities whilst allowing exposure of your products and services, creating new business opportunities.

Standard/Premium Platform e-Services

  1. Mini Website
  2. Directory Services
  3. e-Currencies
  4. Comm-Collaboration
  5. e-SeaWeather
  6. Virtual Exhibitions/Stands
  7. e-Ports
  8. Ports Clearance
  9. Classifieds
  10. DanaosONE News
  11. Platform Events
  12. Forums – Mind Maps