Voyage Estimation/Chartering

Voyage Estimation2Designed to support all types of calculations associated to a Voyage Estimation. Including a large and extensible port distances data base, the system permits on line checking of more than one vessel for the same job, Permits “What if” suppositions by interactive variation of all associated figures when modifying one of the estimation parameters. All necessary terms are already included in the system and easily retrieved. The system handles multiple cargos/parcels and unlimited number of loading and discharging ports

  • Evaluation and Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Fixture
  • Vessel Nomination
  • Cargo Nomination (COA)
  • Multiple Cargoes
  • Parceling
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Hire in / Voyage in Calculation
  • Round Voyage calculation
  • Optimum Speed
  • Laytime calculation
  • Quick Voyage Estimation
  • Combine Voyage Estimates
  • Voyests Group Comparison
  • Fully Load Cargoes
  • Auto Stem Bunkers
  • Optimize Loading Bunkering
  • BP, Netpas and Danaos Distances/ Routing/Map
  • Voyests Options Comparison
  • Historical data retrieval
  • COA Management