The sea journey of #digital transformation

The sea journey of #digital transformation

Shipping is another Enterprise IT industry, exposed to the concept of Digital Transformation, as of late. Where the concepts of Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Cloud IT and Mobility swirl through everybody’s mind and where maritime-agnostic consultants evangelize adoptability!

Where consultants with extensive digital transformation knowledge in banking, government, energy, retail etc. evangelize the adoption of the aforementioned concepts to an industry that -as any other- is very unique.

And the questions that come to mind are: Isn’t business-specific knowledge the most essential part to introduce a solution to an industry? Isn’t absolutely necessary to know procedures and operations-specifics in order to suggest a system that will save time and money?

Introduction of any technology to an industry requires knowledge on both: “The Technology” and “The Industry”. Knowledge of “The Industry” identifies the focus areas and reveals the challenges in-depth, whereas knowledge of “The Technology” triggers the right solution that best addresses each challenge. It is imperative to know best-practices in similar cases from other industries and to understand the cultural ecosystem that should fit into.

Know your job well enough so you can digitize it, I say! Understand the challenges, the people involved, and the operations environment and … learn from the mistakes of others.

  • There is no business analytics, without industry-specific algorithms and KPIs
  • There is no IoT without knowing what type of data and where to collect it
  • There is no cloud without knowing people-skills and systems
  • There is no mobility without connectivity

Our roadmap to Digital Transformation, is maritime enhanced … and as our MD says:

“Having the right partner along this digital transformation journey is the most crucial decision. Within 30 years in the maritime and technology industry, we have proved that Danaos is the right partner for this journey, providing a full spectrum of technology solutions, fully customizable and well supported to your organization.”