Provisions Control System

Provisions Control SystemProvisions Control System is specially designed for provisions supply and follow up for shipping companies.

  • Provides automation of the complete supply cycle. Requisition, quotation, order, delivery, invoice, without data transcription on any intermediate stage.
  • Permits grouping per item/category and automatic substitution.
  • Optimises supply quantities, supplier selection, order allocation and automatic ordering in accordance with model orders. Information to supply department with pending requisitions critical supply dates, pending quotations, orders, deliveries.Deliveries for time period, historic prices and actual/reference consumption analysis per item/group. Informs management with actual/reference cost analysis per day and man day. Shifting period cash-flow requirements covering last six months and projecting next six.

The entire function of creating the Supply Cycle system, including but not limited to, stores and provisions catalogue creations and Machinery Spare parts catalogues can be outsourced to Danaos, where our data team will collect and harmonise the data before creating them into the system under appropriate departments and catalogues.