Digital Journey

Driving IT growth of any kind for an organization requires a comprehensive understanding of the business domain (maritime) and an assessment of current assets. Danaos Solutions embark on digital transformation for your Organization, based on well-defined methodologies, strict scheduling and availability of highly qualified resources.
Leveraging our highly experienced consultants and maritime-qualified solutions we’ve helped hundreds of organizations worldwide migrate applications, data, and operating systems, implement cloud solutions, and most importantly transfer knowledge to users.
Danaos Digital Transformation highlights can be summarized as follows:

Increase cost-effectiveness and operational performance

All daily processes should be automated and would be no longer paper-based. Management will have a very clear picture of the status of each individual case, overview of any bottlenecks observed, and detailed statistics regarding the performance of all vessels and all business units.

A fully integrated suite of software modules will automate all the daily functions of any shipping company. Information will be entered only once, at the point of origin, either ashore or onboard, and thereafter it automatically flows across departments from ship to shore (and vice versa) seamlessly.

Globalized Accounting and Financial Auditability

Multi Company, Multi currency systems that will allow organizations to apply risk management and audit. Systems should integrate commercial and financial parameters and should be able to create derivatives regarding KPIs.

Financial systems should be fully compliant with Sarbannes-Oxley legislation.

Risk Management, Health & Safety, Green Shipping, Crew Welfare

All the daily operations of a vessel should be fully automated for: Vessel Operations and Performance follow-up and Voyage Planning, complete Procurement cycle, Planned Maintenance, Surveys, Certificates and related record keeping, Crew details, embarkations, disembarkations, many different Crew Lists, comprehensive Crew Evaluation and Career Management, complete Crew Payroll and Master’s General Accounts, and full HSQE suite including SMS Manuals, Audits, Drills, and Risk Assessment.

State of the art Technologies: Scalability, Agility, Security. Open-Architecture

Over the past 30 years Danaos has been using the most modern and up-to-date technologies (from Flat Files, to Relational Databases, to a fully integrated Enterprise system, that has now been migrated to the latest web-enabling technologies that support mobility and availability of our applications to tablets and smartphones.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

A multitude of reporting facilities that will enable senior management to streamline all operations. From Business Intelligence to Dynamic Reporting, systems should cover all reporting requirements including what-if scenarios.

Personalization, Profiling

Our security system will be based on the concept of “Roles” and “Users”. Each “Role” can have specific privileges from the Application Level down to the individual screen (or report), field and button. Each physical user can be assigned one or more roles.

Integrating Processes creating holistic, real-time situation awareness

Either onboard or ashore, all modules should operate independently as complete solutions whilst providing a unified and integrated environment so that your company’s information can flow between the proposed modules, in a seamless mater and all procedures can be executed automatically through the integration of user rights, creating tasks, alerts and/or warnings.

At the end, is all about Situation Awareness; the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the resources and the vessels with regards to the mission.

System reputability and market acceptance

It is the longstanding market feedback that Danaos offers the highest quality software. Evidence can be found from our reference customers. The Danaos software has incorporated 30 years of experience and feedback from 500+ customers, and thousands of vessels.