DanaosONE; the connectivity tissue of maritime enterprises

DanaosONE; the connectivity tissue of maritime enterprises

Breakthrough products, innovative concepts and forward-thinking ideas; all require simplicity in terms of effectively communicating: “The Solution” to customers.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
Albert Einstein

For a traditional, old-fashioned and technology reluctant industry such as maritime, effective communication and overall simplicity is more important than any other. That goes without saying for ours; DanaosONE Platform.

Companies within our industry seek: collaboration, integration, efficiency and transparency in order to cut down on daily operational expenses. Day-to-day operations such as: supply, procurement, filing, human resource administration, project and safety management, all require DIGITAL KNOWLEDGE DISTRIBUTION.

Daily interaction with companies (B2B), government (B2G), customers (B2B or B2C) and employees (B2C) generates information. Information, correctly cataloged and well associated, creates Knowledge. Knowledge securely distributed and allocated to employees and associates creates VALUE. Value that helps companies to effectively organize and execute daily tasks and SAVE MONEY.

DanaosONE is a connectivity tissue of maritime enterprises. It securely bridges heterogeneous in-house systems. It provides a gateway for echoing out internal applications as services to employees, partners and associates. It catalogs, organizes and distributes information to qualified users, on-demand, from any device. DanaosONE is the corporate billateral GATEWAY for any company that wants to leverage on technology, exploiting existing applications and systems to SAVE MONEY.

DanaosONE is the SINGLE WINDOW for any company to interact within the maritime industry, globally, and get connected to: Businesses, Ports, Crew, Agents, Charterers, Suppliers … the world!