DANAOS Business Analytics

DANAOS BUSINESS ANALYTICS consolidates and integrates data stored either in DANAOS ENTERPRISE Suites and/or other data sources (including web files, ASCII, .XLS files etc), providing dynamically personalised dashboards  and assisting maritime organizations in the decision-making process.

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DANAOS Business Analytics is all about Cognitive Understanding as it transforms raw data into useful information and content into context.

By encompassing DANAOS’s Apps user roles and attributes, DANAOS BUSINESS ANALYTICS provides a set of personalised dashboards that dynamically and securely adjust to the role of each user within the Organization enhancing horizontal and vertical data exploration (drill in).
As Data analytics has gradually emerged as an integral part of business intelligence solutions, DANAOS has strategically partnered with Qlik and incorporated QlikSense within DANAOS apps and Suites, trusting that as any other organization worldwide, maritime industry should also be able to analyze raw business data and turn into insights.

Since analyzing complex business information manually is a humanely impossible task, it is necessary to leverage advanced technology to turn business data into insights. As a result, DANAOS has tied-up with Qlik, the most efficient fully WEB data analytics and visualization tool, making ON-THE-FLY dashboards available on any device including tablets and smartphones.
In order to ensure efficient integration of information from DANAOS and non-DANAOS data sources, DANAOS Business Analytics Offering includes pre-configured dashboards for FINANCIALCOMMERCIAL and SHIP MANAGEMENT SUITES.

DANAOS provides guided analytics training and support services ensuring successful design and launching of Data Discovery dashboards for any client.