DanaosONE >> cloud micro-servicing

DanaosONE >> cloud micro-servicing

Speaking in mathematical terms …

disassembling something large, complex and monolithic -such an Enterprise Software-into small applications and further break it down to even smaller and task-specific services can provide … factorial value!

The beauty of it is: that today -with DANAOS technology- you can use a non-destructive way to do that so. Furthermore you can isolate this service out of an application within the Enterprise Software and reassembly it in another set of services; on-demand. You can then disseminate this service to specific users from any device. You leverage the value of the service (data collection) and … you are back in your “Enterprise environment”!

This is another way to describe the value of DanaosONE collaborative e-servicing.

Where any monolithic, back office system can become extremely versatile by gaining secure access to the outside world. Users can then interact using their mobile phones or computer browsers and exploit the specific service, without the hassle of using something complex and cumbersome such as an enterprise ERP.

Now … imagine that you have isolated a Crew hiring service from the Crew Management or the MGA System … to collect CVs online from prospect candidates. Then you have an online recruitment software, tailor-made to your need, for FREE!

Or .. imagine that you have isolated the company address book for suppliers from your large CRM or ERP system to allow suppliers to update their contact details. Then you have an online Rolodex, just for your suppliers.

So the next time there is a need for a corporate service dissemination, Think DanaosONE … think Factorial!