Commodification vs Retailification

Commodification vs Retailification

In a recent article by Cognizant titled: The ‘Retailification’ of the Car Rental Industry‘ the author clearly identifies practices from the Retail Industry that can apply to the Car Rental market, since the industry itself has been commoditized. In another article by Martin Murray titled ‘Measuring Purchasing Performance‘ the author suggests the measurements for the performance of the purchasing function.

For us that we have lived and experienced early NAFTA and EU globalization Acts, we know that trade binds us together. It is inevitable that at one stage, most goods and services will be transformed into commodities as objects of trade. Mostly today, in a world economy under pressure, buyer is not in a position to scrutinize and quantify attributes among services and goods, with ease, and price remains the ultimate decision factor for any purchase in the absence of products’ differentiation.

DanaosONE Platform: from e-Procurement to Track &Trace Spares

DANAOS digital transformation road map, involves methods and values that can affect the purchasing performance and efficiency of any good or service within a maritime trading ecosystem.

We feel that the purchasing performance and efficiency of any good and service is mainly affected by 2 things: Availability and Operationality.

  1. I am looking for something, I know where to look for and I can find it now!
  2. It can be used immediately, it’s straightforward … so it can get the job done!

With the offering of DanaosONE to our industry, we have shaken the waters of the traditional e-trading, e-supply and e-purchasing processes and we have changed the way that availability and ease-of-use are defined.

  1. We allow our community to have immediate access to maritime goods or services, now. We provide the tools to ‘search and find’ or ‘track and trace’ goods per: vessel//port//crew//supplier//date
  2. We are unbiased throughout the process, since we are not owning the transaction. We own the experience by providing bilateral or trilateral communication bridging among systems. We are facilitating availability whilst preserving confidentiality and security.
  3. Our e-services are enabled on-demand for the role of each user within the company. Are disseminated as microservices from ONE system to another, specifically rendered to the needs of each user’s profile and device.
  4. No learning curve. Operationality is guaranteed since each user is actually operating within its usual -everyday- backoffice system and not a new one. Displays, screens, user interfaces … all the same. Carefully selected just for the specific use itself.

In DANAOS we have actually commoditized the way the products and services are used, marketed, and exploited and we have turned the ‘handicap of commodification to YOUR advantage … via DanaosONE services’ Retailification.