From Customer Experience to Customer Perception

From Customer Experience to Customer Perception

No matter what you offer, how do you offer it and how good really is, it all comes down to ONE thing: Customer Perception.

Costumer Perception is more than a marketing concept. Is the way that something that is purchased and used, feels right. Is how a service or a product is valued by your customers. How well it fits their needs, how it enhances their experience. Aesthetics and reliability are always the ‘concepts’ to seek; no matter a product or a service.

At the end of the day are all called ‘goods’ cause they have to be ‘good’. However, nowadays ‘good’ is not enough. We are all looking for the ‘Oh My Experience’.

New generation of DANAOS applications and services are designed to provide superb customer experience (CX) and superb User Interface (UI) in order to achieve the best Customer Perception.

DANAOS new generation apps are the best solutions in the maritime industry as they address everyday maritime challenges whilst well supported by domain-specific services; achieving top rank Customer Perception for all DANAOS clients no matter the place, the date or the time-zone.