Business Cloud vs Cloud Business

Business Cloud vs Cloud Business

Cloud Vendors, Business Applications Providers, Software Vendors and consultants are all evangelizing that the key agenda item towards the digital tranformation process is the: Cloud.

Nobody understands the Cloud!

The Cloud is a place on earth. A network of well connected, properly managed, geographically diversified and securely designed datacenters that are bundled with software to manage, orchestrate, launch and monetize applications that are offered to end-users as Service.

The keyword here is: end-user. If for example, the end user is another tech company that intends to exploit this ‘service’ and offer it down the chain to its customers, this is totally different from when compared to a bank or a retailer, as an end-user.

That is why I feel that placing business first, can actually define the needs from the Cloud Vendor or the Software Provider. Another thing that should be considered is the extend and the effect of each application to the business itself. A core business app should be treated differently than a supplementary business app, where outsourcing to the cloud can be almost painless.

Acronyms such as IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, SaaS are not providing the right picture. Software Vendors should move away from the 1-to-1 association of Cloud terms with on-premise installations and should think more like Service Operators.

Business-as-a-Service defines the next generation of Cloud servicing and it involves the best of breed of all of the above, offered as vertical services.