Well-connected integrated maritime systems

Well-connected integrated maritime systems

For us, at DANAOS , is like Christmas Came Early!

Eventually, onboard hardware appliances and software apps can find their right fit on the ship’s network and play their role; to securely disseminate role-specific services.

Our onboard ship management, supply, crew management and ISM apps can now be well orchestrated and integrated with hardware and virtual machines, databases, and operating systems with just … a click, bringing into the market a centralized, well-integrated ecosystem of apps that can be installed, configured, updated and launched on-demand directly from the IT admin from the office, onshore.

Where third party platforms, such as private clouds, can ease data transfer, online backup and provide a disaster resilient environment. Where situation awareness will become imminent, increasing operational efficiency on a safer and eco-friendly vessel.

Our vision for integration can now take a step forward and propel a device-user-oriented approach where our apps will be self-adjusted to each user. Where a unique UX will be based on mapping/designing personal dashboards and information will be prioritized based on user-role, location, and current situation.

Utilizing DanaosONE (www.danaos1.com) platform we are deploying a sophisticated, automated toolchain of installers, software packages, web apps, virtual appliances and development stacks materializing the concept of: “Unattended monitoring and detection systems”