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DANAOS Business Analytics

DANAOS BUSINESS ANALYTICS consolidates and integrates data stored either in DANAOS ENTERPRISE Suites and/or other data sources (including web files, ASCII, .XLS files etc), providing dynamically personalised dashboards  and assisting maritime organizations in the decision-making process.

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Bunker Dashboard

Bunker Dashboard

The Danaos Bunker Dashboard Application is a user-friendly Client Server Application based on Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) library. Its structure is designed in such a way that all manual procedures may easily be computerized.

The Danaos Bunker Dashboard Application helps users and distributed teams improved their knowledge base, collaborative efforts, productivity and performance. Additionally, the Bunker Dashboard helps in supplier management, claim monitoring, improving reporting and trending while adding data integrity and security.

The Bunker Dashboard Application allows users to manage all aspects of the bunker fuel requisition, purchase and analysis. The software allows users to:

  1. Customize the program with their setting and frequently used trading partners and areas.
  2. Manage all open inquiries.
  3. Manage vessel, port, supplier, agent, lab, claim, and reminder databases.
  4. Generate an inquiry to the suppliers in a port via email.
  5. Compare the offers received from the suppliers.
  6. Generate a stem confirmation between the buyer and the seller with the buyers and sellers’ relevant clauses and notifications to interested third parties.
  7. Generate stem amendments and cancellations.
  8. Manage all closed orders.

·         Create and email customised inquiries

·         View all active inquiries for you and your staff

·         Tools to evaluate offers from suppliers (quality, prices)

·         Create and email customized stem confirmation amendments and cancellations

·         Ensure proper approvals are received



·         Manage all aspects of multiple company profiles

·         Store vessel details (IMO, Specs, etc)

·         Create Customize fuel spec requirements

·         Store frequently used inquiry templates to facilitate inquiry coverage



·         Corporate inquiry visibility – scheduling

·         Foster Collaborative environment

·         Allow time for strategic planning

·         Flags and alerts



·         Enter and track claims

·         Keep settlement logs

·         View pending claims

·         View settled claims to monitor trends by port/supplier

·         Access Claim Forms




·         Identify the suppliers in a port

·         View the recent transactions in a port

·         Know who to send inquiries to

·         View types of fuel supplied

·         Manage the Port Profile: barging rates, calling instructions etc.



·         Import reports from Master

·         Compared to ordered quantities and issue claim if necessary

·         Monitor and evaluate supplier and barge performance



·         Enter Lab Results

·         Compare specs to ordered standard and issue claim if necessary

·         Compare multiple barge deliveries

·         Track vessel’s fuel diet




·         Accounts Payable

·         Credit Lines

·         Document Management

·         Audit trail and approvals


§  In-depth Reporting:

·         Lifting history by port, vessel and supplier

·         Recap transaction details

·         Accounts Payable

·         Compare pricing to market indicators




Info-Connect is another Danaos application created specially for the file transmission and electronic communication from the vessels to the office. Info-connects sends files using the FTP and SMTP protocols.

Different options for data communication, on line or store & forward, new systems for message compression, conversion, distribution and transmission are just some of the issues facing the IT manager. In a fast-changing market, it’s vital you make the right choice.

Danaos has designed such a user-friendly Windows application, specifically for the shipboard environment. Danaos INFOCONNECT module is a breakthrough ship to shore e-mail and data communication product for Ship owners and Managers in a cost effective package.

By using INFOCONNECT, your organization is free to choose the communication media, which is the most cost effective at the time. Can extend the deployment of e-mail capabilities beyond the office to many of today’s wireless networks and in doing so, you can enhance the user experience with new wireless features while reducing network usage costs by half.

Key Features include:

  • User friendly interface
  • User installable
  • Supports Inmarsat A, B, B-HSD, M, Mini M, IPDS, F77(Fleet), GSM and IRIDIUM connections
  • Auto data compression and full Duplex Operation
  • Resuming (transmission re-start from break point)
  • Automatic Virus checking
  • Data integrity Verification / Data delivery Confirmation
  • Message status indicator
  • File Management (filing old messages by folders, or share folders between groups of users)
  • Reporting / Statistics module
  • Shared Address Books
  • Filtering (control message volumes, limit maximum message size, restrict Internet messaging to a list of approved senders and/or domains)
  • Public Bulletin Board Service (news and weather updates with your regular message exchange)
  • Multi-user shipboard system (LAN)
  • Remote access to check vessel messages
  • Proven robustness and reliability based on open Internet standards
  • Gateways to Internet, Telex, Fax, ISDN, SMTP, Commercial re-filers
  • Integrated with ship management software and specially optimized for ship and shore database synchronization

Add-ons & Apps

Considering the specific needs for different maritime domains, Danaos has launched a series of maritime-domain (areas of expertise) specific applications that address these challenges. These standalone applications are not necessarily bundled within Danaos Web Enterprise Software Suites and can be described as vertical applications.

Our vertical applications support a specific business process and target a number of users with specific expertise and job responsibilities within an organization.


infogate_logoMore than just a communication system, Info@GATE is the answer to paperless office and case management for the maritime industry!

Supporting securely large volume of information, executing tasks, alerts and associating data with precision and maritime business logic, Info@GATE is a corporate groupware application that facilitates day-to-day operations by keeping organizational information centralized, common and unique. No matter the source of input, Info@GATE monitors the life-cycle of all internal documentation so that can be easily retrievable and traceable for every Case (Customer, Supplier, Partner etc.)

Either on Windows or Linux O/S, Info@GATE runs on the Oracle Database assuring stability, security and handling of enormous amount of data, fast. Info@GATE is used by thousands of users worldwide, some of which are handling more than 5.000 messages daily, requiring tremendous speed in order to conduct their business.

Info@GATE is a centralized fat-client communication system that is also available as a smartphone application, so that maintenance, security and back-up can be performed at the server level and not on individual user workstations, thus optimizing company data protection, data integrity and time-saving.
Info@GATE is fully integrated with all DANAOS Applications, which generates enormous advantages in terms of time, data compatibility, and accuracy.