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Danaos_Maritime_Solutions_Business Logic_Architecture

Danaos_Maritime_Solutions_Business Logic_Architecture


DANAOS Business Analytics

DANAOS BUSINESS ANALYTICS consolidates and integrates data stored either in DANAOS ENTERPRISE Suites and/or other data sources (including web files, ASCII, .XLS files etc), providing dynamically personalised dashboards  and assisting maritime organizations in the decision-making process.

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Payments ApprovalsThe mobile version of Payments Approvals is utilized via using DanaosONE Paltform – Offered Services.
The company user who is in charge of approvals can now login from his mobile device to see the list of pending approvals and act accordingly.


Danaos Supply

DANAOS Supply has been conceived to minimize cost through complete supply cycle (supply chain) support, efficient evaluation of requisitions, comparison of quotations, order break up strategies, historic cost references and order follow-up to destination. Productivity is enhanced by the paperless distribution of all produced legal document to suppliers.

Digital Services of DANAOS Supply are also available via our DanaosONE Platform

DANAOS Supply is part of the Ship Management Suite and consists of 3 modules:

  2. STORES and

Each one has been optimised for the specific task and reporting requirements. SPARES module is integrated with the PMS and all  modules are integrated with the Marine Accounting  and Management Information System.


Appeon Web extends the capabilities of Sybase PowerBuilder so that a PowerBuilder application can be deployed to the Web.

The deployment process produces a true n-Tier Web application with a J2EE-based or .NET-based back-end and an HTML UI front-end.

The source PowerBuilder application that will be deployed to the Web may be an existing 2-tier application or a new 3-tier Web application in PowerBuilder. A 3-tier Web application can be constructed quickly and easily, using only your PowerBuilder skills. Either way, Appeon Web is the fastest way to: 1) convert PowerBuilder applications into bona fide Web applications, and 2) convert PowerBuilder developers into highly productive Web application developers.
Appeon Web is composed of a developer tool and a set of runtime server components: Appeon Developer, Appeon Server (which includes the Appeon Enterprise Manager), Appeon Server Web Component, and Appeon Help:

  • Appeon Developer. An extension to PowerBuilder that enables the Web application generation, maintenance, and upgrades within the PowerBuilder IDE.
  • Appeon Server for J2EE Server. Composed of J2EE and PowerBuilder server components that provide runtime services for the deployed Web application such as data connectivity, complete DataWindows support, transaction management, printing, and security.
  • Appeon Server for .NET. Composed of Microsoft .NET components that provide runtime services for the deployed Web application such as data connectivity, complete DataWindows support, transaction management, printing, and security.
  • Appeon Server also includes Appeon Enterprise Manager (AEM), which is essentially the user interface for Appeon Server. This UI is implemented as a JSP Web application enabling the system administrator to manage deployed Web applications and Appeon
  • Server over the Internet, an intranet or an extranet.
  • Appeon Server Web Component. A series of JavaScript-based Web components generating PowerBuilder-style GUI in standard Web browsers.
  • Appeon Help. Provides easy access to all user documents. It saves time and conveniently places the help information, such as, the Appeon supported features, at your fingertips.

Appeon Web provides several additional tools (included in the installation package) to aid you in deploying existing PowerBuilder applications to the Web:
Appeon Workarounds PBL. Provides you several Appeon workaround functions that can help work around the unsupported features, such as DataWindow GetFullState,SetFullState, GetChanges and SetChanges functions.