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Freight n Hire Collection

Freight n HireFreight & Hire Module is specially designed for Post-fixture information, Creating Debit Notes, Credit notes sent charterers, automatically created vouchers for accounting record non Debit Notes and Credit Notes issued, Recording charterer’s payments and preparing vouchers for Accounting records. Keeping track of voyage revenues and expenses.
Reporting: Voyage results reports, Charterers statement-including all movements for the specified charterer, Charterers Ageing Analysis report- Detailed, this report gives all Debit Notes, Credit Notes sent to charterer and payments received by charterers. As the report’s name indicates, full age analysis of outstanding amounts is given to in order to enhance cash collection. Charterers Outstanding Analysis Report-Summary, this report gives the total outstanding amount by voyage on T/C.
Note: Reports can be issued as per fleet category, per specified vessel and charterer, per specified vessel and specified range of charterers etc.

Features & Functionalities

  • Freight Invoices
  • Demurrage Invoices
  • Hire Invoices
  • Hire Statement Report
  • Fully integrated with Chartering and OPS
  • Detailed Invoice Item Analysis
  • User Defined Debit Credit Note Report
  • Link with Accounting
  • Automatic Calculations for Invoice items
  • Voyage in Calculations
  • Hire in Calculations
  • Owners Statement Report
  • Outstanding Analysis

Port Expenses (DAs)

Port Expenses Module is specially designed for vessel port expenses and payment follow up. Initial offer and proforma invoice are entered into the system together with the final invoice. The updating of Danaos Marine Accounting is fully automated. The payment approval to the agent can be done through the system. Various reports specifying Disbursement Accounting department activity, i.e. number of invoices approved, checked, pending, paid, etc. are produced. The system is fully integrated with DIABOS/DA DESK.

Key Integration Points & Benefits

  • An integrated fleet management system linking operations, chartering and accounting departments providing immediate value by sharing and improving access to commercial and operational information throughout the entire organization.
  • Information is entered only once and shared by all departments and vessels
  • Common Secured and Role based Environment
  • Fully integrated with Danaos Info@gate messaging system
  • Fully integrated with Accounting
  • Alerts driven interdepartmental notification
  • Centralized Data Library
  • Integrated with Danaos S&P,Crew, Supply and PMS
  • Integrated with Danaos Searoutes System for Vessel Optimal Routing Planning
  • Ability to produce comparison reports through Chartering, Operations and Accounting
  • Interfaces with DA’s, Diabos, Q88, AtoBviaC Distance Calculator

Voyage Estimation/Chartering

Voyage Estimation2Designed to support all types of calculations associated to a Voyage Estimation. Including a large and extensible port distances data base, the system permits on line checking of more than one vessel for the same job, Permits “What if” suppositions by interactive variation of all associated figures when modifying one of the estimation parameters. All necessary terms are already included in the system and easily retrieved. The system handles multiple cargos/parcels and unlimited number of loading and discharging ports

  • Evaluation and Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Fixture
  • Vessel Nomination
  • Cargo Nomination (COA)
  • Multiple Cargoes
  • Parceling
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Hire in / Voyage in Calculation
  • Round Voyage calculation
  • Optimum Speed
  • Laytime calculation
  • Quick Voyage Estimation
  • Combine Voyage Estimates
  • Voyests Group Comparison
  • Fully Load Cargoes
  • Auto Stem Bunkers
  • Optimize Loading Bunkering
  • BP, Netpas and Danaos Distances/ Routing/Map
  • Voyests Options Comparison
  • Historical data retrieval
  • COA Management

Voyage/Cargo/Vessel Operations

Voyage/Cargo/Vessel Operations Module is specially designed for the operation department of a shipping company as a decision making as well as a claims support/ defense tool, providing performance monitoring in technical and financial terms with minimal information required.

commercial danaos_1Voyage/Cargo/Vessel Operations Module provides passage speed calculation with direct gain/loss calculation and bunkering ports and schedule with complete analysis and costs differentials.

Complete movements and daily reports with all specific and average figures. Charter party over/under performance evaluation in actual financial terms, providing complete defense against claims.

Informs management with voyage financial reports and post voyage analysis. Vessel Performance module is specially designed to assist the Technical department in a consistent performance calculation. Minimising required data from vessel creates dimensionless performance criteria separating, quantifying and identifying the performance degradation. Informs about vessel performance figures for each voyage leg in relation with wind, sea and current patterns. Evaluates performance in percentage terms, for the hull propeller main and auxiliary engines. Provides complete vessel log with operational information. Full voyage and port statistics with fuel oil, diesel oil and lubricants consumption for each voyage leg, port call or during maneuvering.

Features and Functionalities

  • Vessel Scheduling
  • Events Scheduling
  • Cargo Scheduling
  • Vessel & Voyage Performance
  • Charter Party Compliance
  • Position Lists
  • Map Movement – Position
  • Owners / Charterers Contracts
  • Cargoes / Ports History
  • Voyage Results Actual vs Estimate
  • Bunkers FIFO Calculation
  • Vessel Report Viewer
  • Sublet Monitoring
  • Off Hire Management
  • COA Management
  • Voyage Instructions
  • Correspondences with Masters
  • Brokers & Customers for Vessels positions

Commercial Suite

infogate_logoDanaos Commercial Suite is the most sophisticated and popular maritime commercial software in the global market! Danaos Commercial Suite integrates seamlessly either with the Financial & Ship Management Suites or any third party Software (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Financials, DA’s, Diabos, Q88, AtoBviaC) allowing maximum operational flexibility, supporting decision making process and eventually adding value throughout the entire shipping organization, saving time and money.

Danaos Commercial Suite simulates fleet management system operations by linking derivative data from operations, chartering and accounting departments and providing immediate value improving access to commercial and operational performance indexes.



Commercial flow

Danaos Commercial Suite is part of the Danaos Web Enterprise Suite, a comprehensive set of integrated offerings for both office and vessel. In order to extend the power of Danaos Commercial Suite and meet recent maritime statutory needs visit:  Add-On & Vertical Applications webpage.