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Well-connected integrated maritime systems

Well-connected integrated maritime systems

For us, at DANAOS , is like Christmas Came Early!

Eventually, onboard hardware appliances and software apps can find their right fit on the ship’s network and play their role; to securely disseminate role-specific services.

Our onboard ship management, supply, crew management and ISM apps can now be well orchestrated and integrated with hardware and virtual machines, databases, and operating systems with just … a click, bringing into the market a centralized, well-integrated ecosystem of apps that can be installed, configured, updated and launched on-demand directly from the IT admin from the office, onshore.

Where third party platforms, such as private clouds, can ease data transfer, online backup and provide a disaster resilient environment. Where situation awareness will become imminent, increasing operational efficiency on a safer and eco-friendly vessel.

Our vision for integration can now take a step forward and propel a device-user-oriented approach where our apps will be self-adjusted to each user. Where a unique UX will be based on mapping/designing personal dashboards and information will be prioritized based on user-role, location, and current situation.

Utilizing DanaosONE ( platform we are deploying a sophisticated, automated toolchain of installers, software packages, web apps, virtual appliances and development stacks materializing the concept of: “Unattended monitoring and detection systems”

Business Cloud vs Cloud Business

Business Cloud vs Cloud Business

Cloud Vendors, Business Applications Providers, Software Vendors and consultants are all evangelizing that the key agenda item towards the digital tranformation process is the: Cloud.

Nobody understands the Cloud!

The Cloud is a place on earth. A network of well connected, properly managed, geographically diversified and securely designed datacenters that are bundled with software to manage, orchestrate, launch and monetize applications that are offered to end-users as Service.

The keyword here is: end-user. If for example, the end user is another tech company that intends to exploit this ‘service’ and offer it down the chain to its customers, this is totally different from when compared to a bank or a retailer, as an end-user.

That is why I feel that placing business first, can actually define the needs from the Cloud Vendor or the Software Provider. Another thing that should be considered is the extend and the effect of each application to the business itself. A core business app should be treated differently than a supplementary business app, where outsourcing to the cloud can be almost painless.

Acronyms such as IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, SaaS are not providing the right picture. Software Vendors should move away from the 1-to-1 association of Cloud terms with on-premise installations and should think more like Service Operators.

Business-as-a-Service defines the next generation of Cloud servicing and it involves the best of breed of all of the above, offered as vertical services.

Maritime Cybersecurity

Merchant marine, following the new ‘digital wave’ is modernizing itself by increasing connectivity, interoperability and communications between all entities, resources and systems. Vulnerability of systems and data integrity is everywhere!

A new trend is emerging. Cybersecurity needs to be assured both onboard and ashore within computer rooms, workstations, programming codes, software updates and scada automated procedures. Chief IT/Data Officers need to attain the required certificates from each vendor, supplier and system manufacturer and should carefully scrutinize corporate and country regulations in order to achieve the necessary coverage. Shifting towards ‘Big Data’ and ‘Ship Intelligence’ could leave the maritime industry vulnerable to cyber-crime unless it develops a better awareness of ICT (information, communication technology) security and adopts security best practices.

From Customer Experience to Customer Perception

From Customer Experience to Customer Perception

No matter what you offer, how do you offer it and how good really is, it all comes down to ONE thing: Customer Perception.

Costumer Perception is more than a marketing concept. Is the way that something that is purchased and used, feels right. Is how a service or a product is valued by your customers. How well it fits their needs, how it enhances their experience. Aesthetics and reliability are always the ‘concepts’ to seek; no matter a product or a service.

At the end of the day are all called ‘goods’ cause they have to be ‘good’. However, nowadays ‘good’ is not enough. We are all looking for the ‘Oh My Experience’.

New generation of DANAOS applications and services are designed to provide superb customer experience (CX) and superb User Interface (UI) in order to achieve the best Customer Perception.

DANAOS new generation apps are the best solutions in the maritime industry as they address everyday maritime challenges whilst well supported by domain-specific services; achieving top rank Customer Perception for all DANAOS clients no matter the place, the date or the time-zone.

Commodification vs Retailification

Commodification vs Retailification

In a recent article by Cognizant titled: The ‘Retailification’ of the Car Rental Industry‘ the author clearly identifies practices from the Retail Industry that can apply to the Car Rental market, since the industry itself has been commoditized. In another article by Martin Murray titled ‘Measuring Purchasing Performance‘ the author suggests the measurements for the performance of the purchasing function.

For us that we have lived and experienced early NAFTA and EU globalization Acts, we know that trade binds us together. It is inevitable that at one stage, most goods and services will be transformed into commodities as objects of trade. Mostly today, in a world economy under pressure, buyer is not in a position to scrutinize and quantify attributes among services and goods, with ease, and price remains the ultimate decision factor for any purchase in the absence of products’ differentiation.

DanaosONE Platform: from e-Procurement to Track &Trace Spares

DANAOS digital transformation road map, involves methods and values that can affect the purchasing performance and efficiency of any good or service within a maritime trading ecosystem.

We feel that the purchasing performance and efficiency of any good and service is mainly affected by 2 things: Availability and Operationality.

  1. I am looking for something, I know where to look for and I can find it now!
  2. It can be used immediately, it’s straightforward … so it can get the job done!

With the offering of DanaosONE to our industry, we have shaken the waters of the traditional e-trading, e-supply and e-purchasing processes and we have changed the way that availability and ease-of-use are defined.

  1. We allow our community to have immediate access to maritime goods or services, now. We provide the tools to ‘search and find’ or ‘track and trace’ goods per: vessel//port//crew//supplier//date
  2. We are unbiased throughout the process, since we are not owning the transaction. We own the experience by providing bilateral or trilateral communication bridging among systems. We are facilitating availability whilst preserving confidentiality and security.
  3. Our e-services are enabled on-demand for the role of each user within the company. Are disseminated as microservices from ONE system to another, specifically rendered to the needs of each user’s profile and device.
  4. No learning curve. Operationality is guaranteed since each user is actually operating within its usual -everyday- backoffice system and not a new one. Displays, screens, user interfaces … all the same. Carefully selected just for the specific use itself.

In DANAOS we have actually commoditized the way the products and services are used, marketed, and exploited and we have turned the ‘handicap of commodification to YOUR advantage … via DanaosONE services’ Retailification.