Q&A Danaos1

  1. What is DanaosONE?

DanaosONE (www.danaos1.com) is a Business-to-Business (B2B) gateway to e-servicing for the maritime and oil and gas industries. Similarly in registering your company into a Business Association, you register your company into DanaosONE in order to get access to a maritime-dedicated web and mobile environment of trusted companies.

2. How much does it cost to register into DanaosONE?

Registration is absolutely FREE. Supplers, Ship Managers, Ship Owners, Academic institutions, Agents, Charterer etc. can register and add their company’s profile and employees.

3. Who can access DanaosONE?

Every company (is a Business 2 Business network) that is associated directly or indirectly with the maritime and oil and gas industries. A Ship Managing company or an Academic Institution that are directly or indirectly involved with the maritime industry, can access DanaosONE Platform.

4. What are e-services?

Small applications that are connected with any back office system (Danaos or non-Danaos) allowing users (login users) to see and exploit corporate information on-demand. DanaosONE is a corporate gateway to outside world for suppliers, customers, crew, associates, partners etc. DanaosONE is a Single Window (an One-Stop-Shop of you like) to the Maritime community where companies can securely transact online.

5. What kind of digital services does DanaosONE provide?

Upon subscribing to DanaosONE you can access 3 types of services:

  1. Platform Services (are Standard and Premium)
  2. Offered Services (services provided by your company to any other affiliated company ex. supplier)
  3. Internal Services (services provided by your company to internal employees and associates)

6. What do I gain by registering my company to DanaosONE?

  • You are opening a FREE gateway to the maritime industry, creating leads and increasing your exposure within a LinkedIn-like maritime network!
  • You are becoming digital-ready to disseminate services to other trusted companies or employees, on-demand. You can install a web service within your existing system and transform LAN applications to a VPN-Internet based and expose them, securely via DanaosONE.
  • You are also ready to exploit services by other companies. You are a member of a maritime social cluster so you can request and get information bu other trusted members.

7. How do I join DanaosONE?

Go to www.danaos1.com and click register on the right hand-side. Fill up the form. If you represent a maritime organization, your application will be approved within 24 hours. An email will be send to your email by join@danaos1.com.

Go to www.danaos1.com, insert your credentials and off your go.

For more information, call us on: +30 210 41 96 607