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Well-connected integrated maritime systems

Well-connected integrated maritime systems

For us, at DANAOS , is like Christmas Came Early!

Eventually, onboard hardware appliances and software apps can find their right fit on the ship’s network and play their role; to securely disseminate role-specific services.

Our onboard ship management, supply, crew management and ISM apps can now be well orchestrated and integrated with hardware and virtual machines, databases, and operating systems with just … a click, bringing into the market a centralized, well-integrated ecosystem of apps that can be installed, configured, updated and launched on-demand directly from the IT admin from the office, onshore.

Where third party platforms, such as private clouds, can ease data transfer, online backup and provide a disaster resilient environment. Where situation awareness will become imminent, increasing operational efficiency on a safer and eco-friendly vessel.

Our vision for integration can now take a step forward and propel a device-user-oriented approach where our apps will be self-adjusted to each user. Where a unique UX will be based on mapping/designing personal dashboards and information will be prioritized based on user-role, location, and current situation.

Utilizing DanaosONE (www.danaos1.com) platform we are deploying a sophisticated, automated toolchain of installers, software packages, web apps, virtual appliances and development stacks materializing the concept of: “Unattended monitoring and detection systems”

WAVES & Environmental Sustainability

WAVES & Environmental Sustainability

Associating Performance/Efficiency & Environmental Sustainability

The concept of environmentally-friendly shipping is embraced by more and more companies and Organizations, worldwide. WAVES™ Fleet Performance Management goes beyond efficiency and performance. By utilizing maritime data analytics accentuates and optimizes clean technologies as well as environmental initiatives in order to achieve greener terrain and bluer seas. Continue reading “WAVES & Environmental Sustainability”

Maritime KPIs

Maritime KPIsThe integrated approach of all the functions of a ship management company in one integrated system provides the appropriate infrastructure to support maritime specific KPI’s setup and monitoring.
The new Danaos Web Enterprise Solution has this functionality as built-in. A mechanism to enrich the maritime KPI’s library is available. KPI’s definitions and their arguments are user defined and may be published easily to the system. A framework of utilities is offered to cover the publishing procedure. Members of IT departments or even users can create, compile and test different KPI’s without risking the integrity of the system.
Maritime KPI’s monitoring mechanism provides the appropriate feedback either to a specific department e.g. operational, technical, crewing etc. or to the management. Feedback gives to operators, superintended engineers and other a clear objective picture of their performance, allow them to identify gaps and plan future improvements. Results of KPI’s scoring may be used also for demonstrating performance to 3rd parties and/or business partners.

Marine Accounting & MIS

Marine AccountingThis module is designed for multi-Company, multi-Group, multi-Currency Accounting support. Reporting is available to perform all levels of Consolidation. Novel architecture enables dynamic chart of Account definition. Support of Voyage Accounting and Analysis, Running Cost Reporting, Cash Flow Analysis including accruals. Suitable for Ship management, Ship owning, Ship holding Groups, Operators, Agents, Bunker Traders, etc.

  • Monitoring journals between more than one open financial periods.
  • Compatible with SOX Rules.
  • The data entry screens, the report parameters, and the user defined reporting provide the user with maximum flexibility.
  • Security system with user defined roles and tasks, ensures access rights for selected users.
  • User Defined Chart of Accounts and ability of reorganization of accounts according to the needs of the company.
  • User Defined Chart Types for further Analysis of COA
  • All available reporting can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.
  • Voyage Accounting data entry and reporting is fully supported.
  • Automatic calculation of Exchange Differences and Revaluation.
  • Automatic creation of Inter-company Transactions.
  • Automatic Calculation of Prepayments between more than one financial periods based on the allocation period of running expenses.
  • Ability to scan or attach all types of documents on transactions.
  • Breakdown of Running Expenses (Accruals) based on the allocation periods.
  • Automatic Closing – Opening of financial period (ability of reverse procedure is   available).
  • Year End Closing entry per vessel/company is automatically created.