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Issue Tracker & Alerts

danaosone_issue-trackerDanaosONE Issue Tracker and Alerts is a DanaosONE Platform internal (intranet) service that provides a mashup dashboard for viewing your daily alerts and warning originated due to the internal workforce process or personal tasks.


Join DanaosONE Today and offer the Issue Tracking and Alerts Service to your Staff and Associates providing a secure web environment to monitor information from anywhere, anytime.


DanaosONE; the connectivity tissue of maritime enterprises

DanaosONE; the connectivity tissue of maritime enterprises

Breakthrough products, innovative concepts and forward-thinking ideas; all require simplicity in terms of effectively communicating: “The Solution” to customers.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
Albert Einstein

For a traditional, old-fashioned and technology reluctant industry such as maritime, effective communication and overall simplicity is more important than any other. That goes without saying for ours; DanaosONE Platform. Continue reading “DanaosONE; the connectivity tissue of maritime enterprises”

Vessels Map

Vessel Map_Danaos1Enable partners and other affiliates to view the position of your Vessels real-time whilst ensuring name of the vessel with the position in the globe.



Join DanaosONE Today and offer the e-Vessels Map Service to your Partners for a predetermined period, providing a secure web environment to view information digitally.