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Electronic Oil Record Book

Electronic Oil Record BookDanaos Oil Record Book Software (available as a native mobile app) is the complete solution for keeping Oil Record Book “clean of errors”. Vessels where MARPOL Convention is applicable should keep and update the Oil Record Book, where the Chief Engineer should record all oil or sludge transfers and discharges within the vessel.
DANAOS ORB offers:

  • Direct data recording
  • Electronic data backup
  • Electronic signature for data entry
  • Facilitating access and control for the Technical Department
  • Modification of wrong entries by verified user
  • Accommodate machinery and cargo operations

Danaos Oil Record Book Software enables the punctual monitoring and record keeping of Oil Record Book regulations, allowing both shore side and vessel side counter parties to have situation awareness, minimizing the risk of non-conformities

Risk Assessor

Risk AssessorThe Risk@Assessor is a structured risk assessment program for ships operation covering operational, accident, security and environmental risks with a unified approach. RAP considers risk assessment as an endless procedure utilizing business learning mechanisms based on industry and company previous experiences. An integration approach of hazardous processes risk estimation with evaluation of hazardous events consequences is provided to support:
Risk Assessor estimates risks with accuracy (according to the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen published by MCA, which is based on BS 8800 standard) and Risk Manager implements plan of actions to reduce the consequences or the probability of occurrence (Risk management definition BS 4778).


TMSATMSA Application is an integrated software system for effective calculation of KPIs for TMSA compliance. Most KPIs specified in the OCIMF questionnaire require the processing of data that are derived from multiple software modules and the execution of specific algorithmic calculations on that data. If the modules are not integrated then the automatic calculation of the KPIs is impossible and can only be performed manually, a process that will take a considerable amount of time.



  • Manual
  • Accidents – Incidents – Near Misses
  • Inspections (Vettings – PreVettings – PSC – Supt Visits…)
  • Drills
  • Safety Meetings
  • Seminars/Trainings
  • Fleet Bulletins – Circulars
  • Audits
  • Management of Change
  • Risk Assessment
    ISM Administrator

The Danaos ISM Application is designed so as to provide the launch platform of the company preparation and certification to ISM requirements. It provides the backbone of the efficient maintenance of the ISM system once the company is certified and ensures continuity of compliance. The degree of automation provided ensures that minimum human intervention is required for application the closed – loop principle of the ISM code.

The basic structure of the ISM Administrator is consistent with the Danaos Ship Management Suite for office and vessel. A complete and integrated safety, quality and information system can be built giving the shipping company the benefits of a unified platform to build its competitiveness.
ISM Manual Administrator: Version Control – Prior and future Version Generator – Distribution control – Document oriented structure – Cross-referencing – Shipboard, Professional and office manual integrated approach – Search capability. (Optional: basic Approved Manual.)
ISM Checklist Administrator: Flexible specification of checklist items – version control – Distribution control – Frequency specification – Dynamic form generation from checklist items. (Optional: Analysis of on board performance of drills and procedures – Monitoring of safety system – Electronic transfer of forms and results).
ISM Training Assistant: Preparation of training sessions – Creation of Company training schemes – Preparation of Quiz – Evaluation of trainees – Multiple choice interactive trainer – Manual Interactive instructor. (Optional: basic ISM training package and quiz.)
ISM Operation:

Accident Reporter: Recording of accidents and near-misses – Conditions, details injuries recording – Statistical evaluations – Near miss correlation analysis – Accident causal analysis – Follow-up of accidents – Documentation control – Corrective action control – Graphical presentation of statistics.
Safety and Audit Inspection: Flexible definition of inspection items – Scheduling of inspections per vessel- Planning of Inspector visits – Archiving of inspections – Recording of Deficiencies. (Optional: Archiving of inspections photos – Comparative/evolutionary item analysis – Quality/Safety deficiency reporting – Internal/Statutory audit follow-up).
Drill Administrator: Preparation of applicable drills per vessel type, flag and trade – scheduling of drills – Record Keeping – Participant recording.
Seminar Administrator: Scheduling of seminars – Allocation of participants – Record keeping for execution and participation.
Danaos can create the entire ISM manuals of the Client into the ISM system with all the checks and version control cleanly maintained. ISM forms are also created and linked into the ISM system.

Superintendent Inspection System

IMG_0083 - CopySuperintendent Inspection software is specially designed for vessel survey and recommendation status monitoring. All surveys are followed up with windowing capability. Checking of survey execution within allowed windows is automated. Technical Department is informed at any stage about vessel’s survey and recommendation status, overdue surveys and surveys due at any future date.
Danaos INSPECTIONS ON THE GO as part of DanaosONE is a mobile application solution for Apple iOS and Android devices. You can work either on the office with WiFi connection to the DANAOS ENTERPRISE database or off line on ship to inspect your vessel. When the tablet connects to the internet it synchronizes all jobs to the current state so your Inspection list is always up to date on shore.