Why DanaosMC

  1. DANAOS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. (DANAOS) is one of the largest pure-play maritime software technology providers, uniquely positioned to lead maritime digital transformation.
  2. DANAOS has a proven and highly experienced management with a successful transformation record of more than 500 corporate office (18 NASDAQ listed) installations and over 5000 vessels, worldwide.
  3. As a vertical leader in the maritime and oil and gas industries, DANAOS is leveraging on know-how in terms of shipping expertise and software development technologies -for over 30 years- providing flexible and user friendly maritime software solutions and services.
  4. With a capital capacity to invest and grow, an investment grade capital structure and a strong free cash flow profile, DANAOS development strategy is well supported and targeted to excellence.
  5. DANAOS DNA integrates its inherited Shipping Expertise, modern Management principles and the latest Technology, into flexible and user friendly Software, whilst maintaining Hardware, Vendor and System Software independence.
  6. DANAOS’s world-class industry knowledge and next-generation offerings is based on its vast experience in all aspects of shipping (Management, Engineering, Operation, Accounting, Supplies, Brokers, etc.) and Information Technology (Advanced Development Environment, Communications Technology, Internet and Mobile Technologies).
  7. Employing permanently highly qualified and trained Shipping and IT professionals, integrating the experience gained through the successful implementation of similar projects, DANAOS assists Organizations through all the levels of the implementation by providing a complete turnkey solution.
  8. DANAOS global structure, successful history, world-wide presence, financial background and installed base, guarantee the provision of access to the most efficient IT services in the world and the continuous commitment for long-term support for the solutions proposed.
  9. DANAOS, adopts, exploits and utilizes, wherever possible, existing ICT infrastructure of the client and proceeds with the necessary improvements, based on the principles of: scalability, agility, redundancy, security and availability, maintaining a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).